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About Us

Leading with Integrity

Leveraging expertise in background screening and technology, Trak-1 is driven to protect our clients, their talent and their organizations by promoting truth, information, informed decision-making and transformation.

We stand out because we deliver. With a national network of sales, service and research professionals and a robust delivery platform, we efficiently deliver compliant, highly-customizable screening and technology solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries in all 50 states and beyond.

We own our own data and we build our own technology that helps drive some of the largest Staffing and HR platforms, Property Management Systems and Volunteer Organizations in the world. Integrating with key industry software provides greatly facilitate our clients' success.

The Trak-1 Team works together for the good of our company, our clients, and our communities. With a commitment to service and social responsibility, Trak-1 members actively and individually participate in non-profit and charitable organizations. Our team's involvement includes being board members and participating in the steering committees of several non-profit organizations. Additionally, most of our employees actively engage in helping those in need through philanthropy and volunteering.

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